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"... her writing is spun in pure gold." --MyShelf.com

October 16, 2018 - I have just finished writing my eleventh Regency novel--one with a tinge of Time Travel. Its title is "The Governess's Peculiar Journey" and it is another Red Tower story, like "The Earl's Peculiar Burden". Cover and more details coming soon! The ebook will be released in February 2019.

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January 2, 2018 - Remember, you can browse my complete Tumblr blog, a total Regency experience, without signing up for or into Tumblr. Please visit and enjoy the illustrations of the Regency World.

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January 20, 2017 - Each page on the Regency World section of this website has a corresponding Pinterest board. I will be posting my latest research finds there. Please join me for more Regency information over at Pinterest!

<<Left: La Belle Assemblee September 1807

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"Phoebe's Duty"

My newest "Novel Byte" from Uncial Press.

Robin at Romance Reviews Today says "The historical elements of the time are in place, and the characters act accordingly giving a very good portrait of the times.
This is a very short novel, just fifty-six pages, but
for anyone who loves Regency stories, it is a great purchase."



The Regency Novels

Review of The Possibility of Scandal

"Ms. McLeod has made the Regency era her specialty, and her research shows. She also imbues her work with originality and creativity. Her plotting and characterization make THE POSSIBILITY OF SCANDAL a riveting read that will draw readers not only into the colorful theatrical world of the times, but into the lives of a varied group of personalities. And if you are interested in the Regency era, make a visit to www.lesleyannemcleod.com."

Jane Bowers
Romance Reviews Today

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