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"... her writing is spun in pure gold." --MyShelf.com
"The author's ... style resembles Jane Austen's more than any other Regency romance writer I've read."
-- R-Laurraine Tutihasi, SimeGen

The Charming Devil, my twelfth Regency romance, from Uncial Press, is available now from Amazon.com

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"The Charming Devil" from Uncial Press

Mischance nearly killed him. Disgrace nearly destroyed her. Time has healed, but there is a new challenge confronting them. They must reconcile for the sake of their child...if they can.


~~Classic Regency Romance - The Elegant Choice~~


The Red Tower Stories

Both my 2018 book "The Governess's Peculiar Journey" and my 2012 book "The Earl's Peculiar Journey" are time-travel Regency romances. The books are linked by the existence in each of the Red Tower, a strange portal at Kenning Old Manor near the village of Kenningham in Cheshire. Some characters from the first book re-appear in the second. Who knows, there may be a third book in the future!

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