Book Reviews

The Governess’s Peculiar Journey
"I enjoyed The Governess's Peculiar Journey so much, I am pleased to award it one of Romance Reviews Today's rare Perfect 10s."
--Romance Reviews Today
Carolina’s Walking Tour
“Regency fans, this is the type of story that will make your day, the emotional impact alone will take your breath away. Very highly recommended.”
Emilina’s Conquest
“... a treat for history buffs...”
--Fallen Angels Reviews
Comet Wine
“Ms. McLeod has brilliantly mastered the elegance and energy of the era.”
--Coffeetime Romance
Love’s Liberty
“Ms. Lesley-Anne McLeod's writing style is impeccable; I can highly recommend this story.”
--The Romance Studio
The Harmless Deception
"The Harmless Deception succeeds on several levels. Ms. McLeod has a convincing Regency voice that readily carries one away to the time and place of the story. She always comes up with a wholly original plot or a fresh twist on a classic one, and this time is no exception. Her people are complex and unique. We're given a deep look into Rufus's character, what his life was like that made him the man he is in the beginning and how he changes again. We see Grace come to terms with her past and her feelings. And the utterly engaging Tansy matures before our eyes. Add good humor, a touch of suspense, several interesting supporting characters, a vivid enactment of a Regency London Season and--not to forget a romance or two--you have a Perfect 10 of a read. “
--Romance Reviews Today
The Beggarmaid
“Lesley-Anne McLeod writes with a thorough knowledge of the Regency era and her characters, with their different personalities mix into The Beggarmaid to perfection.”
--The Romance Studio
Clemmie’s Major
“... a wonderfully winsome novel.”
--The Word on Romance
Daughter of Trade
“I am pleased to rate this lovely piece as a 'Recommended Read'.”
--Fallen Angels Reviews
The Disadvantaged Gentleman
“Besides her masterful portrayals of uncommon characters, Lesley-Anne McLeod excels in creating unique plots.”
--Romance Reviews Today
The Education of Portia
“... a heartwarming, solidly entertaining traditional Regency romance well worth the reading.”
--Romance Reviews Today
The Rake’s Reflection
“... a captivating story of reconciliation, sacrificial love, and romance.”
--The Word on Romance
Three Wise Monkeys
“Vividly evoked, wonderfully well written and delightfully romantic, Lesley Anne McLeod's Three Wise Monkeys will charm and delight historical romance readers everywhere!”
--eCataromance Reviews (2006 Reviewers’ Choice Award)
The Regency Storybook
"This charming series of vignettes provide the reader with a glimpse of significant people and events of the Regency period as seen through the eyes of others. With a touch of romance to warm the soul, The Regency Storybook is sure to delight all Regency lovers. Well done, Lesley-Anne McLeod! Your books are always a joy."
--Ginny McBlain, award-winning author of Freedom Isn't Free