• Now Available: The Tower’s Peculiar Visitor by Lesley-Anne McLeod

    Newly released today: the third time-travel Regency romance in the Red Tower series, The Tower’s Peculiar Visitor!

    Jane Gladwyne enjoys her work, and she enjoys her life as a general secretary and governess at Kenning Old Manor. When she is told of the propensity of the ancient Red Tower, part of the ruined Kenning Castle, to allow people of other times to arrive in 1825, she is at first disbelieving. The household at Kenning Old Manor accept this oddity as fact however, and eventually Jane too acknowledges the impossible reality. She is thankful the Red Tower is not her responsibility, but that of Caleb Debray, son of the estate steward.
    When a visitor from the future arrives in the Tower however, she is seconded to Debray as his assistant. And the fact of time travel is all too real, as between them, Jane and Caleb attempt to conceal the visitor’s origins, curtail his activities, and cope with his ebullient personality. The task brings them into constant contact and, as they become better acquainted, a warmth grows between them.
    When the visitor’s actions endanger the family that owns Kenning Old Manor, Caleb and Jane must protect the household. When the traveler’s suggestions endanger Jane’s peace of mind, she must make difficult decisions. And when the visitor’s presence threatens Caleb’s future happiness, he takes decisive action.
    Eventually the explorer decides to travel on, risking his life again through the Tower portal, and Caleb cannot be sorry. But the visitor’s arrival and his presence have changed everything for the inhabitants of Kenning Old Manor. Balance and normality will be difficult to recapture, and happiness could be elusive.

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  • Upcoming Release: The Tower’s Peculiar Visitor by Lesley-Anne McLeod — Cover Reveal

    Cover of The Tower's Peculiar Visitor by Lesley-Anne McLeod

    My newest novel, The Tower’s Peculiar Visitor (the third Red Tower story), will be released November 18, 2022!

    In 1825, the Red Tower receives its most unusual visitor, from two hundred years in the future--who throws Kenning Old Manor into disarray.

    Preorder now at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

    The three Red Tower books are time-travel Regency romances. Purchase links for the first two, The Earl’s Peculiar Burden and The Governess’s Peculiar Journey, are available on my Books page.

    While waiting for my new release, visit my blog and my Pinterest for images and exploration of the Regency era and the world of early 19th century England.