• Plan your Reading for 2024

    If you are planning your reading for 2024, I invite you to consider my series. I have several titles linked by characters who move from book to book.

    If you begin with my book Clemmie’s Major you will be introduced to Clementina, Countess of Carmelth, who meets Major Gideon Rhyle and who, through a difficult summer, faces several challenges and considerable adversity before she finds a happy ending. But we also get to know Clementina’s numerous family, the Haythes–her parents, and her siblings, Nicholas, Eleonora, Felicity and the twins James and Susan. As well we meet Louisa Rainley, soon to be Eleonora’s sister-in- law, and the major’s friends, the dissolute Lord Valence and his unconventional sister Rebecca.

    If next you read Three Wise Monkeys, you will find Louisa, with Susan and James Haythe, undertaking their first London season, in a society ill-prepared to deal with their mischief and outrageous behaviour. Louisa Rainley takes centre stage in this book as she develops wisdom and maturity and discovers her future.

    The Possibility of Scandal follows James and Susan as they take on their final, most bizarre adventure–the refurbishment of a provincial theatre. The people they meet in Sheffield and Rotherham are not all they appear to be, and their relationships change their lives.

    And finally we follow the major’s friend Rebecca Valence in The Disadvantaged Gentleman as she travels to assuage her restlessness, and finds a man and a child who need her help. Can she put aside her disrespect of convention in order to do the right thing?

    Once the members of the Haythe family are settled in their new lives, you will need new books to read. You might want to consider time travel.

    The Red Tower series tells the story of an ancient manor in Wiltshire with a red-roofed tower of strange power regarding time.
    The three books bring visitors from the 13th century, 1860s and the 21st century to Kenning Old Manor in the early 1800s. Though the owner of the manor, the Earl of Therneforde, is prepared for his visitors, his household is none the less disordered and confused by the unexpected guests.

    Whether you choose book length fiction or short fiction after reading my series, there are still more than a dozen reading experiences for you in my book list.

    Enjoy your reading in 2024!