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Stately Homes and Cottages of Great Britain
Great Britain has always been a nation of diversity, rich and poor, and in the Regency period, a rising middle class. The homes of the aristocracy, the landed gentry and the wealthier tenant farmers decorated the landscape of the Regency. The term 'cottage' covered anything from a significant house to a labourer's humble dwelling.
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My Latest Research Discoveries 2015
Gothic cottage design from Ackermann's Repository of Arts, October 1817
Winterbourne Earls, Wiltshire
Design for a Bailiff's Cottage from Ackermann's Repository of Arts, November 1817
Buckingham House from
Memoirs of Queen Charlotte 1818
Carlton House from Ackermann's Repository of Arts, May 1809 The old palace at Kew from Memoirs of Queen Charlotte 1818
Burton Agnes, East Yorkshire
Ashen, Essex
Cranbury Park, Hampshire
Blythe Cottage, Barton, Warwickshire
Franks Hall, Kent
Charlecote Hall, Warwickshire
Farnham, Yorkshire
Guy's Cliffe, Warwickshire
Howsham Hall, Yorkshire
Great Tangley Manor, Surrey
Knowsley Hall, Lancashire
Rumwood Court, Langley, Kent
Ribbesford House, Bewdley, Worcestershire
Aldhampton, Somersetshire
Trentham Hall, Staffordshire
Suckley, Worcestershire
Wollaton Hall, Nottinghamshire
Stoford, Somersetshire
Stratford House, Birmingham
Therfield, Hertfordshire
Many of the colour illustrations of stately homes on this pages are taken from
"A Series of Picturesque Views of Seats of Noblemen & Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland" published in 1880.
They are made available courtesy of The Noel Collection, www.noelcollection.org