Regency Portrait Gallery
The famous, the infamous and the wonderfully notable people of the Regency period
January 2017 ----- My Regency World of portraiture is continuing at Pinterest; see my latest research finds at https://www.pinterest.com/lesleyannemcl/my-regency-world-portrait-gallery-of-regency-notab/

My Latest Research Discoveries 2015
Caroline Amelia Elizabeth HRH the Princess of Wales from The Lady's Magazine, February 1807 HRH Princess Mary from La Belle Assemblee, July 1816 Lord Cochrane from Ackermann's Repository of Arts, June 1809
Madame Catalani from The Lady's Magazine, April 1807 Miss Harvey 'The Beautiful Albinese' from La Belle Assemblee, October 1816 Mrs Orger of Drury Lane Theatre from La Belle Assemblee, November 1816

I recently discovered depictions of actresses of the Regency in period magazines La Belle Asemblee and
The Lady's Monthly Museum. Their names are mostly unrecognized now, but their pictures are charming.

Miss Smith 1812
Mrs. Billington as St. Cecelia
Mrs. Edwin 1812
Miss Margaret Taylor 1819
Miss Anne Maria Tree 1819
Miss Catherine Stephens as
Miss E. W. MacAuley 1819
Miss Frances Maria Kelly 1819
Lucy Borham 1819
Many regency novels, including mine, make use of historical, newsworthy personages to enhance and embellish their stories.
Here are some of the most famous...
Lady Caroline Lamb
Madame de Stael
Richard Sheridan
Mary Moser
William Pitt
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
William Lamb
Viscount Melbourne
The Prince Regent/George IV
Maria Fitzherbert
Princess Charlotte
Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg
Jane Austen
George Gordon, Lord Byron
Sir Walter Scott
William Wordsworth
Duke of Wellington
Napoleon Buonoparte
Admiral Lord Nelson
Lady Emma Hamilton