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Trade card from John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/johnson
classical doorway
Advertisement from Repository of Arts May 1809

Merlin's Mechanical Chair from
Repository of Arts October 1811

Jardinieres from Collection of Designs for House Furniture and Interior Decoration by George Smith 1805 Royal Patent Invalid Chair from Repository of Arts November 1810
Ackermann's Repository of the Arts displayed in its periodicals, from 1809-1829, the epitome of British fashion in all fields of endeavour.
It did not neglect the design of household furnishings, and I offer the following examples of their illustrations.
Both above designs from 1812
A drawing room of 1819
A dining room of 1816
Sofa and table of 1812
Gothic furniture of 1819

Drawing room curtains 1816 above and 1819 right


A bed of 1815 above and one of 1816 right

In home furnishings, as in all else, Ackermann's was in the fore-front of design and fashion.
Architects, designers, stylists and creators of the Regency era had a multitude of elements from which to choose:
Georgian and Regency Rooms
Generally, the designers' choice of design elements led to the creation of beautiful rooms:
Drawing Room Furniture
Sofas, Couches and Recamiers
Hepplewhite Pier Glass

Adam Girandole
below Hepplewhite Girandole
Fireplace Surrounds by Robert Adam
Sheraton Firescreen below
below Pianoforte
below Sheraton Bookcase/Table
below Sheraton Writing Table
below Sheraton Work Tables
below Terrestrial & Celestial Globes
below Transforming Desk
Dining Room Furniture
above Sheraton Dumb-Waiters
left wine Cellarets
right Sheraton Dumb-Waiter
Silver Candlesticks
Tea Caddies by Gillows
Knife Boxes
above and left Silver Tureens
right Porcelain Tureen drawn by Shakoriel
18th century Silver
Bedroom Furnishings
below Sheraton Washstands/Dressing Commodes
Draperies and Fabrics