Clemmie's Major
by Lesley-Anne McLeod
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From MyShelf.com:
Lesley-Anne McLeod is the Queen of Historical Romance, her writing is spun in pure gold. Yet again, she offers another award winning novel to add to her growing treasure chest. This story is assured to tug at your heart as you fall in love with the delightful characters. Very highly recommended.
--Suzie Housley      

From The Romance Studio:
This book is action packed, fast moving and I absolutely loved it. It is so good it is impossible to put down. Kudos to Ms. McLeod for this winner!
Overall rating: Five Hearts!
--Brenda Talley

From Timeless Tales:
Author Lesley-Anne McLeod, in her own inimitable fashion, weaves a tale both endearing and fun. Her characters are believable, and comfortingly normal. The 'mismatched' lovers are a perfect compliment to one another, and you find yourself rooting them on, just hoping they get together. And Clemmie finds in him a hero at every turn, the kind of man dreams are made of. If you enjoy a really good Regency love match, you've certainly found it in CLEMMIE's MAJOR. A real treat.
--Nancy Arant Williams

From Inscriptions Magazine:
This novel will delight readers of Regency Romances with its lush descriptions of place and regency era clothing and manners. Clemmie is an engaging heroin of quiet strength. As a hero, Gideon fights both physical debility and class snobbery with intelligence and courage to win the woman of his dreams.
--Karin Huxman

From The Word on Romance:
Clemmie's Major, by Lesley-Anne McLeod, is a wonderfully winsome novel. What appears to be a simple love story of two perfectly suited people soon has the reader guessing as the plot coils. From twins and sneaky siblings, to mysterious accidents and vanishing children, this book is a feast for the imaginative mind. Building the beginning of the story predominately with dialogue is challenging for the readers to immerse themselve into the story line. However, the author's fresh style and unpredictable plot proves that it is a book to endure. McLeod does an amazing job with making her characters realistic and lovable. From the first 'chance' encounter until the final scene, McLeod leads the reader through the stages of friendship to love. Clemmie's Major is an endearing love story that can truly be enjoyed.
--Kerri Wall

From iBookTime/Scribblers:
Changing people's opinions can be a difficult process and breaking away from being the family anchor impossible, yet Clementina does so with ease. From one scene to another, McLeod weaves a magical tale of young love amid the dangers befalling the young earl. But all's well that ends well as Clemmie's Major pulls out the stops making this a great weekend read.

From Romance Reviews Today:
Clemmie's Major takes a leisurely, homey pace to tell tale that is as much a story of family relationships as it is a romance. Exterior conflicts add elements of suspense-it's not at all dull-but the charm is in the characters and the characterization. Clemmie and Gideon are totally likeable people separated by a social gulf that appears uncrossable. The minor players have their own distinct personalities, failings and quirks, but Clemmie's influence brings out the best in all. Does she sound too good to be true? Don't worry; she's saved by grace and humor.
Clemmie's Major is apparently a debut novel for author Lesley-Anne McLeod, but it reads as though written by a veteran. She's obviously familiar with the world of the Regency romance, but she already has her own voice and displays an original viewpoint. Treat yourself to an excellent electronic book and join me in eagerly waiting for her next release.
-- Jane Bowers



Whether it was the unexpected sound of her voice, or some other inexplicable event, her mount--engaged in an even trot near the fringes of the lake--reared and bolted. Had she been a better equestrienne, Clementina might have kept her seat, or even brought the mare under control. Such was her lack of skill however, that she tumbled into an inelegant heap on the ground, fortunate not to have been tangled in the sidesaddle by her trailing skirt.

After several stunned moments, Clementina pulled herself to a sitting position, winded and aching. She pulled off her hat which hung gracelessly, with its jaunty plume broken, over her left ear; half her hair tumbled down with it. Her pleasure in the day destroyed, she watched the mare circle the lake like one possessed.

She must walk back to the Hall, she supposed, though she was jarred in every joint. Her crop had fallen several feet away, and she stretched to reach it. In doing so she leaned upon her right wrist. Immediately, with a shiver of exquisite pain, she fainted.

A cool dampness bathing her face brought Clementina back to her senses, and discomfort amid comfort was her chief sensation. She ached abominably but her head was comfortably resting on a broad shoulder and a strong arm was supporting her.

"Nicholas?" she murmured, struggling to open her eyes.

It was not Nicholas' lean face above her anxiously, but Major Rhyle's increasingly familiar one. His broad forehead was creased with concern, and his heavy flaxen brows drawn together in worry. He was bathing her face with a snowy handkerchief apparently dipped in the lake.

"My lady!" His deep voice revealed his relief. "There is naught to distress you. How do you feel?"

"Wretched," she said, surprised to her that her voice was weak. "That blessed horse! Riding is not my forte, but I was doing very well. The miserable animal bolted…"

His gaze sharpened at her words even as he continued to survey her with concern. "Bolted!? You were alone? Where are you hurt? I will take you to the Hall, but not before I know how best to avoid further injury to you."

Gingerly Clementina drew herself up from his marvelously comfortable shoulder.

"I ache in every limb but only from bruises, I believe. Except my wrist..." She lifted her right arm and experienced agonizing pain as she tried to move her hand. She swayed in sick amaze.

Rhyle, biting off an exclamation, supported her with care. "'Tis sprained at least. We must hope it is not broken. Close your eyes and rest against me, my lady." With one hand, he ripped off his impeccable cravat while keeping anxious eyes on her white face. He released her to fashion a sort of sling to support her arm and hand.

His coat, she realized with a dullness she could only attribute to shock, was already about her warding off any chill.

"I wish I could carry you, but I can only support you up to the Hall, my lady." He stood stiffly, then bending his long length, helped her easily to her feet.

"I am no featherweight, sir, you could not convey me anyway." Her wrist was stabbing her with pain.

"My wound is mostly healed, but not enough. It will prevent me from proving you wrong." He smiled down at her a gently teasing gleam in his eyes.

She let his strong arm support her. It was over a half-mile back to the Hall, and Clementina concentrated on his large hands as she determinedly held back tears of pain on the walk. He said nothing, but his eyes were full of reassurance as he glanced down from time to time.

When they reached it, the great oak door to the Hall stood open. Lady Cheriton was visible within, Christopher at her side. She was in urgent conversation with Pate and the groom Marshall.

The marchioness uttered a little shriek as Major Rhyle loomed up in the doorway with his white-faced companion.

Little Kit ran to his mother. "Mama, mama," he wept, clutching a fold of her habit.
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